Friday, January 30, 2009

Functionality of Driver

I have a question regarding how the tool JPF would operate on the test driver I am writing.

Referring to the sample code Suresh sent me...

static testDriver(){
sequence generation;

One of my supposed testMethods...


conduct testing operations & report differences

My question pertains to simply calling the testDriver method in each testMethod in order to generate the sequences, as opposed to reproducing the same code found in the testDriver in each and every test method.

Friday, January 9, 2009

iTutor Approach & Other Ideas

I've compiled my thoughts on the approach and began writing the paper. This section includes my understanding of the tool's functionality as well as possible routes the project may take, if feasible. I have also included a file which contains what I perceive as an example test driver and emailed it along with the paper to Suresh & Kunal for their approval.

I have also picked up the Pragmatic Thinking & Learning text Dr. Xie put on the shelf last week. I shall begin reading this weekend, as I wait for a response.