Thursday, February 25, 2010

Java Studies

In my extensive studies, as of now, I have created over 70 full Java Programs. Their levels of difficulty range from simple "Hello World" type programs, to Credit Card Verifyers in GUI format, BMI Calculators, and a simple Text Editor "MiKhirySoft Word". I can conclude that as of now, I am fairly proficient in solving simple problems presented to me, and transforming them into fully functional text based Java Programs. I've also come to a good understanding on how to create functioning GUIs. I plan on continuing enhancing my skills by completely covering the book Building Java Programs by Reges, and proceeding into a slightly more advanced book, Big Java. Upon completion of these goals, I will have obtained a level of proficiency in which I can begin White Box Testing for various sources.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

iTutor Updates: Formal Writing & Project Documentation

After being somewhat swamped with coursework over the last two weeks, I believe I'll be able to make significant progress on the iTutor project over the next two weeks. After looking over the iTutor project code itself, I found that it is lacking in terms of documentation.

The tasks that require attention are as follows:
  1. iTutor formal writing: further incorporating feedback, revising, and updating the draft as necessary. My goal is to have a completed, revised draft ready to be submitted to Dr. Xie.
  2. Project documentation: After looking at the iTutor project and exploring, while trying to determine my next steps, I found it somewhat difficult due to the lack of documentation. In order to properly continue the project, I shall first document all of my current features.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

iTutor Draft Revisions

After receiving the reviewed draft from Suresh, I am in the process of updating and improving it. I failed to include important examples, such as an example test driver, which give somewhat of a preview in the introductory section of the paper. I also made the mistake of somewhat rambling in my introduction. As much as I present a problem, I took took too long when explaining it. I shall complete the review and submit my current draft to Dr. Xie by the end of this week!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Medical Software Metrics 1/04/10 - 1/20/10

During this period I began to tie the papers together for clarity and overall understanding of the subject matter. I also worked with LaTex, ran into problems with getting it working and spent plenty of time trying to debugging it because there was some issue with it on my pc. At this time I reread a couple of the papers and wrote an abstract and introduction for the survey.

Medical Software Metrics 12/28/09 - 1/04/10

During this time period, I searched for more papers related to our topic and begin to look through adverse reports on the FDA database. The purpose was to retrieve more background information and attempt to categorize device failures based on the information given in the FDA database. The papers that were read during this time included, "A Framework for Software Quality Measurement," "Software Quality Metrics and Their Impact on Embedded Software," "Report on the IEEE Standard for a Software Quality Metrics Methodology," "IEEE Standard for a Software Quality Metrics Methodology," and "Ranking of Tools Use, Software Logical Complexity, Requirement Volatility, Quality Requirements, Efficiency Requirements in Software Development."

Medical Software Metrics 12/14/09 - 12/28/09

As I finished my finals, I started reading related research papers to prepare me for writing a medical software metrics survey paper. The first two papers that were read during this period was "A Survey of Software Engineering Techniques in Medical Device Development" and "Failure Modes in Medical Device Software: an Analysis of 15 Years of Recall Data."