Monday, December 14, 2009

My ability to work has been severely hindered by my preparation for finals. As of now, I've received two grades, both being A's. I'd like to ensure that I maintain these grades for now. I believe I'll be granted more time next semester to work on my Undergrad Research.

The Calculator interface with which I previously began working on turned to be too complicated for my level of experience with C#. Instead of attempting to rewrite the entire program myself, I used the sample version which was provided with the tutorial. I ran the program in the Visual Studio compiler while highlighting key portions of the program to stop at to better interpret the flow of Object Oriented Programming. The code, which consisted of 554 lines of coding became far too lengthy and difficult to comprehend by myself. I'll save the creation of a calculator with a Graphical Interface for my next meeting with Charles. Instead, I began reviewing the abysmally simple tutorials provided here to reinforce the knowledge of C# which was fractured by the overall confusing coding of the "Beginner Calculator". Also for the first time in my coding experience, I did not rely solely on Visual Studio for the construction and compiling of my programs, but made the majority of it in the Command Prompt. Realized I needed to reinstall the .Net Framework in order for the command to compile to activate successfully as well.

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