Sunday, March 21, 2010

I have primarily continued my studies in Java by constructing programs which have introduced me to new concepts. I have recently produced within the previous period 24 programs, which bring my total created during research to 86. The programs most recently constructed have dealt with importation and exportation of files, and also reading the data from separate files to be processed by the various commands in my programs. My studies have also given me the knowledge on how to properly use arrays, more capabilities of GUIs, solving complex tasks with programming, and utilizing the various classes in the extensive Java libraries to find specialized problem solving methods.
I've also began researching a more practical cause in my research, being the benefits and general practicality of learning Java as a beginning programmer. When dealing with the various forms of Object Oriented Programming, it is common concept that the different languages will have their own specializations, but overall similar syntax. My interest in the subject deals with primarily finding out if there are any particular benefits or drawbacks from learning a specific language first? Perhaps the syntax of Java could be a bridge to easily interpret other OOP languages. Perhaps the naming clauses and variable declaration styles will lead a budding computer scientist to be more prepared for other languages. My research has yielded no concrete results, yet I have obtained data indicating the various specialties (more commonly used for Internet development, etc.) of Java. Will continue my studies of Java until I've obtained proficient mastery and will continue to look into this inquiry.