Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Conclusion of Research During Freshman Semester

I have now concluded the bulk of my Undergraduate Research for my Freshman year, which was primarily spent studying the capabilities of the Java Programming Language. My work with it varied from producing simple text-based programs, to simulating the effects of gravity on "Rain Drops" in animated JFrames. As of May 11, 2010, I've constructed 118 working programs. A portion of my research was also spent analyzing the effectiveness of Java as the first language learned by a beginning programmer, and as such I proposed various queries and methods to obtain information regarding this concept. I plan to continue working and studying Java as to provide myself with more expertise in the subject, so that I will eventually be able to construct and fix issues related to Java in Automated Software Engineering.

For my Summer session, I plan to begin working on a series of new games in Java to continue building my familiarity with the Java language, and the quintessential component of programming, the GUI. I also plan to expand my knowledge into other areas such as advanced class construction, recursion, and the collections framework.

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