Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Itutor Update

The past two weeks made it very difficult for me to work on the iTutor eclipse plugin, because of my recent move from my old apartment. Limiting my accessibility to many of my necessary resources such as the internet, and not being in Raleigh. Now I am situated and continuing working on the plugin.
The previous version of the iTutor plugin decompiled the teacher's solution (.class) and the students solution (.class) and displayed method information of the decompiled classes. Currently I have been working on changing the GUI to read in the source directory and path directory of the TA solution and Student solution as requested by Jcute in order to create and run regression test on both solutions and display where the two solutions differ, and give the student an idea where they went wrong and what they need to correct.
Might reach conflict with previous code when requesting for the solutions, for the simple fact that JCute requires (.java) files and the previous code request for the (.class) files. Which I believe is a simple fix.

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