Thursday, December 2, 2010

Text Mining

After having a great dinner and talk with Dr. Tao Xie I became interested with Text Mining, and read through the information that he gave me. Text mining is a very useful tool that I believe will be in high demand in the near future. The ability to summarize and group large amounts of text such as emails, customer complaints, and surveys is very valuable to small businesses to big corporations.
SAS Text Miner gives you the capability to perform both descriptive and predictive text mining. From my understanding SAS does this by first processing the data using %TMFILER macro which creates a SAS data set. The data set is used in the text ming node for text parsing and then transformed into a informative format. Then it is analyzed for predictive and descriptive purposes.
Text Mining is a very powerful tool and is well on its way to become a high demand software. The %TMFILTER macro is so powerful and useful especially with the support of several languages, the possibilities are endless.

Travis W.

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  1. can u tell me from where i can find more info on text mining??