Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Football Fan" App Prototype

During this Summer, I am working alongside Jonathan Fisher and Khendr'a Reid to develop an Android platform application whose purpose is to serve the user with a variety of collegiate football related information. This application entitled "Football Fan", will provided data including Team Schedules, Team Rosters, Player Statistics, Team Statistics, among other information. This code will be used as a basis to perform and examine the capabilities of various forms of testing on a newly developed Android code base (which is written in Java). By utilizing existing reviews on the analysis of White and Black Box Testing for Android apps, I will begin to develop my own manners on these forms of testing, and record results for these. The App upon completion will be capable of displaying these stated statistics for two Universities: North Carolina State University along with Winston Salem State University. It will also be considered for release on the Android Market if it is deemed efficient.

Football Fan is intended to utilize an XML Parsing code to obtain information online from the official websites representing each school's football data. However, due to the volume of the data within each webpage's source, parsing XML from them via coding is proving difficult. While we work on effectively completing the XML parsing for Android via SAX Parser, we plan to manually enter information for each player and team.

Khiry Arnold

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