Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Football Fan" App Prototype

Completion of the "Football Fan" App's basic components draws nears. It possesses four distinct processes to select, including viewing Stats, Roster, Coaches, and Schedule.

Pressing Stats will provide the user with the option to select from either Team, Individual, Defensive, or Combined Stats. The Player Stats when pressed will provide the user with a complete biography of each player, along with their total accumulated statistics on their own separate page.

The Player Roster provides a list of all of the current players listed on the Roster. During this current developmental period where we are relying on manually inputted player data, we utilize an Excel spreadsheet to convert data from the table format found on the official website to one that can easily be copied and pasted into an array of Strings. At any time there is a change of the current football roster by the school, updating Roster.xls, and then copying the new output data will allow for almost instantaneous updating of the roster inside of the App.

The Coaches function will work similar to the Player Bios, and will display a screen with information in regards to all of the current Football coaches. Lastly, the completed Schedule feature displays the current schedule for the upcoming semester! It provides destinations of games, along with scores and times they will be aired.

Additional features including Player Search, Coach Search, Roster sorting functions, and overall best statistics sorting functions have been considered and will be worked on upon completion. Aesthetics will also be concentrated on more heavily upon the completion of the primary components. Working on the version for WSSU will become as simple as updating the information in Roster.xls along with a few other features for Coaches to update the information to appropriately represent each school.

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