Monday, January 23, 2012

Elements in Elemens/Customization Engine Model Documents

The latest upgrades to Elemens have provided a few additions to the core setup. I've introduced in this version one of the core elements of game play. Elements will be used to add an additional flair to battles. Each Skill will possess a single Element, which will alter the damage the move does when hitting Elemens, and colliding with other Skills. The differences in damage caused will be based on the element of the Skill or Elemen. There will be a variety of Elements introduced that can be imbued to Skills in addition to the initial four that have been introduced right now. As per the latest v1.1.0 Referring to the following chart will provide a visual sense of how the mechanics will work.

An arrow represents that a Skill containing a particular Element (starting at the top going clockwise: Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire) deals a greater amount of damage to Elemens or Skills when they collide. Whenever for example a Ball, which is a basic projectile Skill that damages an Elemen, collides with another Ball of the same Element, the two should then immediately dissolve upon contact with each other. However, if a Wind Ball collides with an Earth Ball, then the Wind Ball should destroy the Earth Ball and continue on for the remaining duration of time that it had left before disappearing. If an Earth Elemen is hit with a Wind Skill, then the damage done by the Skill will be greater than normal. The exact scale of damage is not known as of yet.

In addition, I have been battling with choosing an exact damage battle system, or a system where the values of damage done are based on a set range of damages calculated by each Elemen's Statistics. By exact damage battle system, I mean that certain Skills such as Ball would always deal a constant amount of damage opposed to altering by a few points. I'm going to have to continue analyzing the benefit of this system opposed to the slight damage alteration system.

In addition, it is my desire to begin releasing the information I've gathered on the video games I have been studying and testing as part of the Customization Engine Model this week. After a few more revisions, I plan to start by releasing information obtained from analyzing the Soul Calibur and RPG Maker video game series.

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