Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You Are Smart!

It's okay to admit, we all feel down in the dumps every now and then. You Are Smart! is a mobile app I've developed just to help alleviate those depressing feelings on our gloomiest of days! You Are Smart! was recently developed for the I-Cubed Convertigo Mobilizer App Development Challenge. I-Cubed, an innovative, Raleigh-based company that specializes in software development launched their challenge with the prospects of drawing programmers to their Convertigo Mobilizer product. The Convertigo Mobilizer is slated to be the future for mobile application development, with the same set of coding being able to be used to deploy applications for a variety of mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry OS. Built on Eclipse, the Convertigo Mobilizer IDE takes a programmer's Javascript and HTML codes and utilizes a few libraries constructed by the I-Cubed team to produce applications for different markets. The You Are Smart! app is one of the three applications currently in the running, and will be judged by the professional software engineers at I-Cubed in five days. You Are Smart! features over 50 different compliments and praises to remind you of your value and worth. Sometimes people take for granted the power of simple positive reinforcement, and it is the goal of this app to ensure that no soul is left without the potential to be positively inspired.

Wish me luck on the competition, as details can be found here, more info on I-Cubed can be found here, info on the Convertigo Mobilizer can be found here, and the page for You Are Smart! is right here! Please continue to work hard and have a very successful semester! Remember, you are smart!

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