Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Python vs. C#

When I was first given the task of creating the meta data extraction program, I was given a choice between Python or C# to code the program. I had to carefully weigh my options because I needed to consider which language would allow me to complete the task with the least complications. Before I made my decision I looked at the following factors: cross platform development, availability of  language features, syntax and familiarity. I required cross platform development because I knew from the beginning that I needed to create a program that would run on Windows and Unix based operating systems. Language features were important because there were certain directory navigation actions and functions that would be imperative to constructing my program. These functions needed to be in standard importable modules/libraries for the language that I chose. Syntax was important for very obvious reasons, I needed something that was easy for me to read.
Finally, familiarity was key because it would be a better for me to have experience with the language or a similar language. In my final decision, I chose Python because it had all these features and I had already coded smaller programs in Python. I have done things with C and Java but I felt that the leap to C# would slow down my progress with the task. Coupled with the fact that the General Use Machine Learning for Learning Library by Khanacademy was written in Python, it was an easy decision to make.

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