Monday, June 20, 2016

Learning from Code Hunt

In the early stages of research, I devoted my time to learn Python programming. To my surprise, the language was rather intuitive and user-friendly. Learning how to program in that language was not difficult at all. The only interesting thing about the language is declaring data types for variables is ambiguous. After learning how to code in Python, my first task was to take a look into the metadata extraction program that a student previously wrote. Originally, this program would iterate throughout all user data in the data release and write certain information about each level into a text file. The only user data that each level consisted of was the amount of attempts the person had on each level. This program does not differentiate between if the submission was in the Java or C# language. After making some modifications and multiple revisions of the data extraction program, the program was able to give us more information about each player's submission. It can also create two data sets; one in Java and one in C#.

For the past few weeks, the research that I have been conducting with my team has been a valuable learning experience. Engineers usually have to implement critical thinking in order to solve problems or decipher data that is presented to them. So far Dr. Xie has helped me and the research team utilize our thinking and problem solving skills to understand what we can learn from Code Hunt users, based off of their submissions. Currently, we are in the phase of gathering materials to write a research paper on our Code Hunt users. There is already a research paper that has been published. What we plan to do is try to draw up conclusions that would be useful to more than one group of people. Those stakeholders include professors in computer science, game designers for Code Hunt, companies that seek to teach their employees how to program, and even the users themselves. There is much more to accomplish in these next 10 days before our first deadline.

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