Monday, November 16, 2009

Continuation of Studies in OOP

My most recent research has been conducted with Charles regarding Object Oriented Programming. Primarily, I've been solidifying my knowledge in Object Oriented Programming, particularly in C# by consistently differentiating between the various aspects which compose a simple program.

Our most recent meetings had me perform several assignments of deciphering coding created by Charles, and explain the capabilities of each class. Inversely, I was given the instructions to create the coding for some assignments based on classes that Charles had defined.

The most prominent (and longest) example involved me creating the portion of a video game which assigned the values of location and velocity to two player characters.

I believe I had taken pictures of this example, but I am having difficulty locating it. When I find it I will upload it into this post, as it was particularly lengthy and will be trouble replicating. I will also ensure that my following posts will contain visual references to better visualize my experiences.

Take Care.

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