Monday, November 16, 2009

iTutor Improvements (continued)

After the last 2 weeks, the remaining iTutor goals are as follows:
  1. iTutor needs to check whether it can find equivalent public methods in the student solution, if not, it can flag error.
  2. When the methods under test accept non-primitive types, a deep copy of the argument should be made. If not, the method under test of teacher solution may modify the argument before passing it to student solution. Similar techniques need to developed for comparing non-primitive return types.
  3. A problem arises where methods can be overloaded, leading to multiple possibilities when instantiating each solution. iTutor shall generate numerous test drivers, each of which focuses on one constructor.
  4. The logging feature now sends the data to files. The data could be formatted in a fashion where it is easier to comprehend.
For the next two weeks, I shall address the above points, as well as improving on other features as required by the addition of the above.

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