Monday, November 16, 2009

Microsoft Help with Pex

So the past two weeks have been very productive on how Pex works. So I met with Nikolai from Microsoft Pex group and he helped me with my problem that I was having with my complex object. He also told me that I would run into alot of problems because I use a lot of float point arithmetic within my program and Pex has problems with floats. Unfortunately, video games do generally use floating points for movement of objects and placement of objects so this is something that I cannot avoid.

I worked on trying to make Pex and Scurvy.Test work together a little bit more but with no sucess. I also had a meeting with Xusheng of our research group and he gave me alot of help on my game and that same MapEngine method. He had given me a way to try to make Pex understand the code better and search better paths by constraining the variables used in the factory methods.

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