Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Beginning of my C# Tutelage

As a first semester Freshman, I believe it is my responsibility to not only maintain high levels of academic performance, but also make preparations for my designated career choice. These preparations will be done by learning programming languages from skilled programmers. Charles Woelfel has begun assisting me with C# programming.

Yesterday, October 16, 2009, we began with the reintroduction of Classes, Objects, and Methods. From my learning, I reviewed that Classes are basically a set of instructions which hold any set of instructions. Methods are the processes which are to be carried out in the Class. Objects seem to be objects, or items, which basically are a duplicate of another class or method, but renamed. These seem to be used most frequently in other classes.

My task for today, October 17, is to read a few more tutorials regarding command-line input. I'll also make preparations for another upcoming lessons by reviewing the information which I've learned, and attempting to create a few C# Programs of my own.

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