Monday, October 19, 2009

Next Steps: JCute & Some Minor Adjustments

I met with Suresh and Kunal today, and we discussed the current implementation of the test driver, as well as the next steps. The concept of my test driver seemed to be mostly correct, and my next task involves incorporating JCute as per the sample code available on the website. After meeting with Dr. Xie, he exposed a problem in my implementation that pertained to inefficient code that would be costly in exhaustive situations. He proposed simply making the comparisons as the method sequences are generated and breaking out of the sequence once a failing test case has been encountered. For now, void methods have little impact on sequence but implementations using observer methods will be a future task.

Summarizing, my activities after the meetings are as follows:
1) Integrate JCute into the test driver, enabling it to choose all values, avoiding random testing
2) Converting test driver implementation to compare solutions during the method sequence generation, ending the sequence generation process when either a failing case or a completed sequence is encountered.

Outside of these tasks, I shall also begin the writing for this project.

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