Thursday, October 29, 2009

Scurvy.Test and XNA

(August 2nd - August 15th)

Another part of the summer I worked with a Test Framework called Scurvy. It's an open source framework that lets you do unit tests specifically for the XNA framework. I was able to test that a loading function worked. The thing is that loading with XNA is different from different measures of loading because you have to use the XNA Content Pipeline. Well you don't necessarily have to use it but it would be in your best interest if you do to keep production of your game fast and easy and reliable. Here is a simple example:

Now it doesn't seem like much with this test but you will be able to get the correct result with this framework. I've tried other frameworks, including Pex, and .NET unit testing tools and they cannot get this simple test to work. I believe that with a little more digging around with Pex and Scurvy, I can find something that could be interesting with testing game applications using the XNA framework.

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  1. I also forgot to mention that Scurvy.Test also has a manual content verification class that let's the user verify that content loaded is the correct content, so if a user loads an image, the user can see if the image that was loaded was the correct image and press a button to verify it.

    The framework is also lacking good feedback, as of right now the framework only has an Assert.IsTrue method and it only writes that to the console if the test FAILS.