Friday, June 19, 2015

Computer Science Prestige

Do students want to pursue Computer Science because it is a prestigious career field or because they truly have a passion for computer science? Are some people primed to become Computer Scientists their whole life while others have to try to adapt to fit the mold? It's true that certain people are predisposed to become computer scientists in their life. Overexposure to technology, advanced technical courses starting from middle school, tons of connections in the technology field from an early age. Their brain is being trained to think like a Computer Scientist which is why when they reach the "challenging" CS course, they're able to test out or pass with flying colors. What I'm interested in, however, is if it is possible to develop the mind of a Computer Scientist at later ages, after adolescence. Can you teach yourself to develop programs, read and understand code, or even wrap your mind around recursion after a certain age? I'm curious because I've noticed that even with the best of teachers and one hundred percent application of self, even the brightest people cannot come to terms with the jargon of developers or be able to think abstractly as one would. Now, directed at the huge and increasing number applicants to Computer Science programs per year, are you pursuing it because of the prestige or do you truly have a passion to write code day in and day out for the rest of your life? This blog is loaded with questions because these are things that I wonder daily and probably applies to a decent percentage of Computer Science applicants.

Nevertheless, Computer Science is a very promising and awarding field and congrats to those who are able to make it through. I hope to see a day where people can pursue what they love and not just do things for the money.

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