Saturday, June 20, 2015

File Extractor

More Progress

After two weeks of conducting research for developing tools for Code Hunt, I have gotten accustomed to writing code in C#. When I first exposed myself to the language, I noticed there is a ton of classes that are presets to Visual Studios; so I took the time to learn about all of the included classes that are apart of the program. After learning these new presets of classes, I was basically able to complete my first task of my project. For the tool that I am developing, so far it is a data extractor that functions on the interaction of the user. You have to specify which user and sector and level in order to extract the data. Right now I'm going to design the user interface of the program. I'm pretty excited about developing this tool, because it allows me to practice more get more programming experience. I would like to optimize the code since I am also taking a data structures course so I would like to make sure that my application does not create memory leaks. More updates on the program in the future!