Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lab of Things

Lab of Things is a platform developed for experimental research by Microsoft Research. Lab of Things or LoT for short uses connected devices such as Z-wave sensors or cameras in homes, offices and workspaces. What makes LoT so useful and uncompromising is, it makes data and code sharing very easy. This is due to the high interconnectivity of the devices and the use of an operating system called HomeOS. When I first came across LoT, I was not exactly sure of the full capacity of functionality. By watching the video on the LoT home website ( titled "New Hope for People Living with Paralysis", it became apparent to me that this was a concept that could change lives. This piqued my curiosity and I was hoping to see what I could do with LoT. I rushed to the page that specified how to download LoT and was directed to the installation requirements. Unfortunately, my journey began before it ended as my Macbook Pro certainly does not have Windows 8 or 7 on it. 

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