Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Novaleaf Software & Unit Testing with XNA

(June 14th - June 27th. Late)

I interviewed Jason Swearingen, founder and president of Novaleaf Software ( His company tried model-based testing on his games but felt that it was wasting time and that he would rather just design the game and then go from there. Not really helping me at all. I tried to do some unit testing with XNA using Visual Studio Team System 2008's integrated Unit Testing software. I couldn't get anything that used loading content to work properly. Did some more debugging on my PongGame using NModel, still a little confused on the use of "features" but still working on it. Tried Pex a little bit but didn't spend expensive time with it. I will in the next two weeks. Going over and fixing some grammatical errors to my paper for Dr. Xie.

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