Friday, July 15, 2016

Experience with First Draft

Knowing your team members is the most important factor when being a part of a team. It is the link to better cooperation and to finishing tasks in a timely manner. Usually I find myself working alone, but I understand the importance of working with others. You are exposed to different perspectives on the same thing. None the least, you do not have to carry all of the weight. So far me and my research team have been working together to get a publication ready for Microsoft Research. The end goal required all of us to work together efficiently.

Each of my team members specialized in areas that I may lack experience in. For example, one of my members named Josh knows how to analyze and generate statistical data. Personally for me, it was difficult to figure out what kind of data we should create for our research. It was good to get his input on the concern. As for my other team member, Brandon he was of great help in assisting me in creating raw data for Josh to analyze. Together it was a team effort and we had a pipeline system intact.

After completing our first draft of the paper, I have learned two things. First one being that I have learned how one should write and format a research paper. Using LaTex to compile the paper was a challenge in terms of positioning tables and figures, but for the most part was easy to learn. The second thing that I learned is how to manage a team. This is a skill that hasn't had a lot of exposure. I have been teams of group projects, but this was different. This time I was going for a bigger picture, and it was my job to keep the team all together. So far research has nurtured me in becoming a better leader and a smarter worker. I know that there is much more to learn, but I am looking forward to what is in store for me.

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