Saturday, July 16, 2016

Group Experience

So far this is my first experience working with a large team to collaborate on research as a group. Accounting and other courses helps teach students how to collaborate  and delegate tasks from a rubric or assignment but it's not necessarily the same as research. 

Since this project is more of an ongoing research project we all have to work together and lean on each other to get different parts completed in a timely fashion. Unlike some group work in the classroom where either somebody does all of the work of each person does the same assignment on their own and then comes together as a group to discuss the findings. 

From our team so far each person is able to bring their own set of specialized skills and use them to help with our overall research project. I like being able to use what I'm learning in R to analyze our data and create statistical graphs to add for our research paper submission. 

When we are able to get together in the lab and work side by side it helps for brainstorming ideas and troubleshooting with minor coding errors or writers block. I'm excited to receive our first feedback from Microsoft. 

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