Friday, July 1, 2016

Moving Forward

As I start writing our research paper, a question came to mind. What is next? After my meeting with Dr. Xie yesterday, we started discussing future plans after the research paper. One of the suggestions was working with one of my research partners to create APIs that could expand on what Code Hunt is. Since I have been programming in Python, it was mentioned that we try to get a feature where users could play Code Hunt by coding in Python. I actually like this idea, because I believe that it will also build my programming foundation and give myself another challenge. Doing this task would be very enjoyable since it is much more different than assorting and processing data.What I have come to realize about research is that you are given more freedom in what you can explore. When working in the corporate world, all of your efforts are directed towards a specific mission that the company has set for themselves. This what I am liking about research; the freedom to explore. As I continue to do research this summer, more questions will be asked and more finding will come from it. I am looking forward to where research is going to take me for the next four weeks.

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