Saturday, December 27, 2008

Attributes & FireEye

Posted on Friday July 18, 2008 by Bellanov Apilli

I met with JeeHyun today to further discuss applying FireEye to the policies. He noted that he possessed a program that extracted data from the policies, compiling them into a tree structure. This tree structure is used by the classes in the project to for numerous tasks, including the creation of the requests. I believe utilizing this program would simplify the process of converting it into FireEye input. I am supposing isolating each type of attribute (subject, resource, action) into it's own respective file. After this isolation will come the compilation of each of these into appropriate FireEye input. As of now, I have been experimenting in FireEye, trying to get a feel of what the generic format of the input file will be. I've got a general idea and will implement it as soon as I receive the program from JeeHyun.

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