Saturday, December 27, 2008

Next Step(s)

Posted on Monday August 04, 2008 by Bellanov Apill

I met with professor Tao today to discuss the necessary steps to take in order to achieve our goal, the coverage testing. As of now, my implementation is able to handle all combinations, given that one value is taken for subject, research, and action each time. Although this method may cover a significant number of requests, it will not be sufficient. It fails in covering cases where more than one of each type (subject, resource, value) were taken. The solution we came up with was similar to what we discussed the very first day, a bit vector whose length is as long as the number of attribute values. I will implement this idea as soon as I am fully complete with the current task, which is converting the FireEye output back into request format. Converting these values will enable us to test coverage, although it may be only for primitive case (one subject, resource, and action at a time). Once I am finished with implementing the conversion on the primitave cases, I will do the same for the complex (more than one subject/resource/action taken at once). In order to successfully convert the files into requests, I need to find some way to map the attributes to their other components, such as their type, id, etc, so I can keep track of their relationships.

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