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Posted on Monday October 27, 2008 by Bellanov Apilli

After finally finding some time, I have started implementing my ideas on the iTutor project. I am planning to isolate the method data, compiling all method-related data into a single ArrayList. I will then use the list to parse and generate the compilable test driver files. While writing my implementation, I came across a problem. The problem lies in the fact that I can only work with one file at any given time (either the TA or Student solution, not both). This problem led me to program based on certain assumptions.

Some are as follows:
1) I initially chose to use the TA solution to extract data from since the methods present here follow the interface correctly (as should the student solution)
2) Being able to work with (or decompress) only one file at a time leaves the "_TA" and "_ST" suffixes. I believe inserting code to remove the suffix (given that I am working with the TA solution) would enable me to generate the test driver code, using only the data from the TA solution. I would obviously reinsert them when it comes time to write the output file so that the code distinguishes between the two solutions.

I believe what I am formulating should work, since both implementations follow the same interface. I am questioning whether or not being limited to working with one file at a could lead to problems in the future.

P.S. I'm also have ideas regarding this problem, but it all storms from decompressing only the TA solution.

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