Saturday, December 27, 2008

iTutor, Toster, & Next Steps

Posted on Thursday November 13, 2008 by Bellanov Apilli

I met with Suresh and Kunal today to discuss the contents of a poster I will be creating, as well as my progress regarding the tool. As far as the poster is concerned, we decided on following a similar format to one of Kunal's previous works. Although we technically do not have results (which we are unsure as to what a "result" is), we do have a solid methodology, which we will stress in the poster.

Regarding the iTutor tool, I have compiled all of the elements (from both TA & ST) solutions into a data structure and am focusing on writing them out to the test driver. I should also be able to generate a skeleton with my data structure and will do so after my current task. I went ahead and addressed the issue of having multiple parameters so the tool can keep track of that as well. The problem we encountered regarded testing void methods. The solution we came up with involved invoking the constructor in each solution, calling the void method, and then checking for any changes present within methods containing return values. Another problem we discussed pertained to non-primitive types, where we decided an "equals" method would be predefined in the TA solution.

I am now faced with:
1) Generating Test Cases
2) Using JPF to execute test cases
3) Using Kunal's poster as a basis for my current poster

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