Saturday, December 27, 2008

Intelligent Tutor System

Posted on Wednesday September 10, 2008 by Bellanov Apilli

My role is to synthesize a test driver that is capable of exposing behavioral differences between two versions of a class. This test driver will be executing similar method call sequences on both versions of the class in order to expose possible differences. A problem Justin and I encountered was that we cannot constraint test values within the test driver. We have to be as generic as possible and let the test driver choose the values that are to be tested. I also learned that combinatorial testing could be applied in the test driver because the problem of having a large number of parameters (method calls) still exists. Thus I hope I will be able to incorporate the FireEye tool within this project. Through FireEye, I can focus on unique test cases, eliminating those that are similar to one another. As of now, I believe incorporating combinatorial testing into the test driver could result in better and more efficient tests.

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